Project Description


BR Walls Project with Nick Hwang

This project we wanted to creat an archive of a well traveled place. The only way to access this is to stand still to let the image settle. By viewing the archive you also build on it.

Collaboration With Cole Whiley

This project aimed to turn some of my sculptural works into landscape size projections. The goal was to be able to walk around the sculptures as if they were a environment.

Project for Special Olympics

The early stages of a project I worked on for the Louisiana Special Olympics. The project creates a instrument-game for their Athletes arcade. The Athletes would toss a beanbag and have it land in a zone and different tones and the volume would indicate how close they were to the zone.

The Beginnings of Wait for it

This was the first direction I went with for the project “wait for it” but ironically was unhappy with the amount of time necessary to see some change. Eventually I found a balance I am happy with.