Project Description



For this project, I collaborated with another artist, Nick Hwang, who was receiving his doctorate in Composition at Louisiana State University.  Together we created a 20 square foot installation that was enclosed and used a varity of sensors to make the space respond to the viewers’ navigation throughout the space. The project incorporated sculptural mediums with light and sound to create a experiential environment.

Panta Rhei

This project was a group collaboration with printmakers, David Williams and James Kimura-Green, along  with Nick Hwang and myself.  James and David passed a plate back and forth and documented the state changes. We then created an interactive interface for viewers to change different states and composition with basic hand motions. The final step was to create a sculptural screen that responded to the different states and compositions that we were creating with the interactive projection.

Exquisite Corpse

This piece was created for the 5th Annual Surreal Salon at the Baton Rouge Contemporary Art Gallery and was a collaboration between Nick Hwang and myself. The Surreal Salon celebrates pop surrealism and combines art, music, performance and costumes to make a unique show.  We were asked to make a piece that would be participatory and help draw attention to the event’s theme. We decided to go with a old dada game- Exquisite Corpse.  We incorporated a varity of nonsensical game-controllers that allowed the audience to create variations of the videos we recorded.

Catapult Launch

This project was a collaboration with another artist, Forest Gard, where we created a physical controller (catapult) to interact with a virtual game.  This projects is currently being re-designed to include new interactive features and a new, different game.